September 15, 2013

John Kerry Seeks Advice On Syria From Henry Kissinger

John Kerry seeking advice from Henry Kissinger on U.S. war against Syria before he heads to Geneva to negotiate with Russian diplomat Sergei Lavrov on the anniversary of the coup in Chile

 John Kerry was once seen as an antiwar activist. But either those claims were inflated from the beginning or it was self promotion. In 1971 he did testify before congress against the Vietnam War. At the time of his testimony it was Henry Kissinger who was Nixon’s national security advisor.

After meeting with Kissinger, Kerry consulted with the secretive government group called the Foreign Affairs Policy Board.
The senior members of the board are John Negroponte, Thomas McLarty, Strobe Talbott, Thomas Pickering, John Podesta. They have functioned with Republican and Democratic presidents who have created policies that violate human rights all over the world. 

Kissinger is also making media rounds this week to promote US military intervention against Syria. US diplomacy must be in serious trouble when they must get advised by someone who is responsible for torture, mass rape, carpet bombing, coups, from Latin America to South Asia. Kissinger cannot travel to Europe or he will be arrested for war crimes.

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