October 6, 2013

The AFL-CIO Warns That Obama May Offer The "Chained CPI" In Grand Bargain To End Government Shut Down

The AFL-CIO is not usually an activist organization but they can see the writing on the wall.  The Obama Administration has in the past supported attacks on Social Security checks by using the benign sounding term “Chained CPI”. This will cut Social Security income for retirees and people with disabilities and will hurt Social Security recipients for years down the line.  It is particularly nefarious because the rich pay nothing to Social Security on any income above $113,700.
There was a small rally in Washington D.C. on October 4th and a few brave Democrats spoke out against using the government shut down as an excuse to implement the “Chained CPI”.

My favorite speaker was Rep. Mike Honda (D-Calif.) who quoted his mother: "Instead of talking about the 'chained' CPI or cutting benefits, my mom would say you just need to make the pie bigger, we're just going to talk about one cut—and that's cut the crap....Cut the crap, scrap the cap." Scrapping that arbitrary cap would go a long way to shoring up Social Security's future.

But the AFL-CIO needs to be organizing demonstrations all over the country against the Chained CPI before it becomes a reality. We need to do more than have small rallies in Washington D.C.  The Labor Movement needs to lead a fight to be reinvigorated and this is a good one.  But until then call your Democratic Senators and Representatives to let them know you are watching. Those of us around the country who have seen the bipartisan attacks on our pensions at the State level cannot take it any more and we are with Mike Honda’s mom, “CUT THE CRAP, SCRAP THE CAP”! 

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