January 12, 2014

Salem, OR: January 15, 2014 event

Transformative Social and Economic Change in the 21st Century:
Building a More Resilient Future

with Noah Enelow, EcoTrust

Wednesday, January 15th
at Louck's Auditorium in the Salem Public Library
7:00 pm - 8:30 pm
Suggested donation: $5/person

The ability of social, ecological, and economic systems to support human well-being and provision for fundamental human needs like food, water, and energy is increasingly uncertain. More than 6 billion people share this planet and every major living system in decline.

It will require extraordinary effort and innovation to meet human development needs in the twenty-first century. We need to create greater capacities for resilience in the social, ecological, and economic systems we depend on to live well. To foster those capacities, we will have to adopt new ways of thinking, acting, and organizing our social and economic activities. The challenges are enormous, but so too are the opportunities to harness the wealth and ingenuity of humanity in the twenty-first century to create a far better world.

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